If The Good Lord's Willing and the Creek Don’t Rise
By Pat Cook
Audition Dates: November 06-November 07 - 7:00 pm
Show Dates: January 25-February 03
Directed by DeAnn Martin
Produced by special arrangement with Eldrige Plays and Musicals

This zany comedy, in the spirit of Kaufman and Hart, centers on Doc, an eccentric old man whose house caters to all sorts of characters. Now a retired judge, he spends his days "enjoying life." When he's not flying around the countryside in his balloon or fishing in a nearby dry riverbed, he works on his books of nonsense. This prompts his daughter, Charlotte, to decide he's lost his marbles. So, conspiring with a sly lawyer, she plans to not only become his guardian but also sell his house and property. Throw in a psychologist on her first case, love sick teenagers, an irate school bus driver and an occasional artist or two and it's a madhouse! Will Doc be committed or not? Of course he offers his own defense. "You ought to try tilting at a windmill every so often," he philosophizes. "It’s great exercise and a nice breeze goes with it." When he shows up at his sanity hearing dressed as a magician, his daughter and her lawyer think they have it all sewed up. However, Doc has a few surprise rabbits to pull out of the hat. This tour de force is appropriate for schools, churches, dinner theaters and all audiences. Can Doc pull it off? As Leo says, "There is method to his madness." And Doc shows one and all what a little nonsense can do "If the Good Lord's Willing and the Creek Don’t Rise."


Parts for 4 men, 5 women.

Joe "Doc" BabcockAn eccentric man in his 50's-60's
Mandy PembertonBright ambitious woman in mid 20s
Steve RenfroA amiable artist and teacher, 30s-40s
Maxine McAllisterA woman with great anxiety
Doreen FurstA rather self-absorbed late young lady (late teens/early 20s)
Leo JenkinsA likeable puppy of a young man (late teens to early 20s)
Charlotte DinselDoc's conniving daughter, 30s
Gerald FirestoneA lawyer shyster, 40s
Elizabeth ClairbourneClose friend of Doc's - 50s-60s

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