Miss You Grandma
Written and directed by Jane Perry
Audition Dates: July 10-July 11 - 7:00 pm
Show Dates: September 07-September 16

Grandma arrives, along with the Fourth of July holiday, and the scene is anything but calm. The family is large, the tricks are many and the love is apparent in this touching story of a young girl and her relationship with her Grandma. By her actions, Grandma reveals her love of God and is a role model to all. Grandma will leave you with something special, especially in your heart.


Janie Daniels10 year-old female
Louise DanielsFemale mid-30s to 40 Mother of seven
Alan DanielsMale late 30s to mid 40's Father of seven
Ellen DanielsFemale @ 15-17
Annie DanielsFemale @ 13-15
Charlie DanielsMale @11-13
Bobby and Billy DanielsTwin boys @ 7-9
Becky DanielsFemale @ 5-7
Grandma Mary Jane DanielsA lovely older woman in her 70s. Fashionable and gracious. Loving
SammieMale @9. Cousin - jolly-happy kid who eats all the time.
AbbyFemale @ 7. Sammie's sister - timid
SarahFemale @ 15 Older sister to Abby & Sammie. Trying to look 18 and very sophisticated.
Backstage CrewNot ready to be on the stage, perhaps you would prefer to help out as backstage crew. Props manager, changing sets between scenes, assisting with wardrobe, and more. Come to auditions or contact the Director for additional information
Lights and Sound TechniciansEach production normally needs two (sometimes three) people to run the light and sound boards. Come to auditions to volunteer or contact the Director for more information.

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