Cotton Patch Gospel (Musical)
By Tom Key, Russell Treyz, and Harry Chapin.
Audition Dates: January 01-January 01 - 7:00 pm
Show Dates: March 08-March 17
Directed by Zoe Koelling
Produced by special arrangement with Dramatic Publishing

This "Greatest Story Ever Retold" is based on the book The Cotton Patch Version of Matthew and John by Clarence Jordan in which the Gospel is presented in a setting of rural Georgia with country music songs, the final and perhaps best work of Harry Chapin. As this Gospel begins, they sing that "Somethin's a-brewin' in Gainesville." Herod is the mayor of Atlanta and, inevitably, Christ is lynched by local thugs only to rise again. Drama critics loved this show and so did a broad spectrum of religious commentators. SGT teams with Lighthouse Preparatory Academy to bring you one of Harry Chapin's best shows. CLOSED AUDITIONS


Closed auditions for LPA students.

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