2007 Season of Grace

Papa was a Preacher
by John McGreevey
January 11-January 27

Based on book by Alyene Porter Produced by special arrangement with The Dramatic Publishing Company of Woodstock, Illinois

For the minister's family, growing up has tribulations that most children escape. They can't roller skate in public, they cannot protect their cotton patch because their father opposes fighting, and the daughters of the richest parishioners try to make the preacher's sons date them (or else!) Weaving through all this is a delightful story full of humor and love.

Love is on the Air
by Ginger Casebeer
February 22-March 10

Love is in and on the air at the Family Bible Broadcast. Jerry secretly loves Opal. Opal loves the broadcast. And Stan Silver simply loves to be admired. Add Widow Gentry's matchmaking wiles and the ambitious dreams of the broadcast crew, and you've got a mix-up made in heaven. Will misunderstandings destroy the broadcast, or will newfound stardom and faith put "Love On the Air"?

Much to do About Everything
by Jane Perry
April 05-April 21

Mary and Martha, two matronly sisters who live together in a quaint, little town, seem to get caught up in the busyness of life, and "everything" becomes the focus, rather than the finer delicacies of life. All ends well, of course, but not without much direction and fortitude from the town's beloved and well-respected minister. Thankfully, he has a sense of humor.

The Lord of Two Requests
by Ron Boutwell
May 17-June 02

Don Segovia grew up in the church, was saved as a youth, then married and raised a family. He seemed to have it all together until he came face to face with the reality of the Holy Spirit. Overnight, years of indifference and spiritual decay are swept away. Now Don faces a new life on the cutting edge of controversy and persecution as he strives to obey the requests of the Lord.

Behind the Pulpit
by Angie Waller
June 28-July 14

This touching story of a daughter reconciling with God and her earthly father comes about during a comedic, reality TV show, Behind the Pulpit, which is held in a church that is about to close its doors due to financial strain and the lack of a leader. Will this pastoral competition, which reveals both Kat's and the church's struggle with keeping the world out, be the church's answer to prayer or bring it to ruin?

The Reluctant Dragon

August 02-August 11

The Reluctant Dragon is a peaceful fellow who likes tea, poetry and an afternoon snooze. Mischievous children stir the villagers to call in the famous dragon slayer, Saint George. A young lad befriends both of the "adversaries" and arranges a meeting between them. The comic battle that ensues provides an entertaining climax and a happy ending.

Don't Kick the Turkeys
by Andy and Jennifer Hansen
Directed by Dale Wilkes
September 06-September 22

A full-length comedy with a message

It is only Rev. Thompson's third day as pastor of New Hope Church. His secretary lays down the laws of the office, the janitor is "fixing" everything in sight, the most prestigious member of the congregation is on the war path and an eccentric lay-person presents some far out ideas for Sunday morning's special. The calamity and humor only escalate when a daycare moves into the church building after the pipes in their own building burst. Can God work in such a situation? Alongside the laughs are striking similarities to almost every church. You will be rolling with laughter, and touched at the message behind the apparent chaos.

Songs in the Night
by Joseph Ransom
October 18-November 03

"It is not enough to have a song on your lips. You must also have a song in your heart." Most people held no hope for Fanny Crosby, the little blind girl. Blindness, cholera and family tragedy could not prevent her from becoming a woman of faith who wrote almost 9,000 hymns the world has sung for a hundred years.

A Christmas to Remember
by Mike Upshaw
November 29-December 15

"For better or for worse. In sickness and in health." Sometimes marriage vows are stretched to the limit, and for Murry Armstrong, the vows are being exercised beyond his imagination. His wife, Grace, has been diagnosed with dementia, and before she forgets everything and everyone, Murry is determined to give her a few sweet memories and A Christmas to Remember.