2008 Season of Reminiscing

In His Steps
by Ron Laws
January 17-February 02

What would Jesus do if he was faced with the pressures of editing a daily newspaper? What would He do with a promising singing career? What would He do if His family ridiculed Him for His beliefs? What would Jesus do? Charles Sheldon asked that question nearly one hundred years ago in his classic novel, In His Steps. This timeless and challenging story of true discipleship is the most widely read religious novel of all time. This new adaptation of Sheldon's book follows some members of the First Church of Raymond as they take a pledge to do everything in their lives after asking the question, "What would Jesus do?"

The Hiding Place
adapted for the stage by Ron Boutwell
February 28-March 15

The inspiring true story of Corrie ten Boom and her family has been told and retold for over fifty years. Casper ten Boom and his daughters, Corrie and Betsie, live above their century-old clock shop in Holland. After Nazi forces invade and occupy their country, they risk all they have, including their lives, to shelter Jews from capture and almost-certain death. Eventually, they are arrested and sent to concentration camps. Their story of the power of love to overcome hatred has touched millions the world over.

The Family Nobody Wanted
by Helen Grigsby Doss
April 10-April 26

Produced by special arrangement with The Dramatic Publishing Company of Woodstock, Illinois

Meet the Doss family, the most typical American family you could ever meet. They eat dinner together, plant popcorn together and make it through many a tough time together. Reverend Doss and his wife have adopted seven great kids, and at the end of the show, you will find that people are more alike than different.

by Ginger Casebeer
May 22-June 07

Life is like a merry-go-round. Happiness and sadness spin you round and around. Success and failures take you up and down. Sometimes you want to get off before it stops spinning, because life's going too fast, but something tells you to hold on until it's time to stop. In this comedic tale about life, you will meet five very unique individuals. You will cry with them and laugh with them as you follow them from kindergarten to the retirement center. And you will see how God is sovereign through each and every moment in life.

Charlotte's Web
adapted by Joseph Robinette
July 10-July 19

Produced by special arrangement with The Dramatic Publishing Company of Woodstock, Illinois

The Children's Literature Association named this "the best American children's book of the past two hundred years," and Joseph Robinette, working with the advice of E.B. White, has created a play that captures this work in a thrilling and utterly practical theatrical presentation. All the enchanting characters are here: Wilbur, the irresistible young pig who desperately wants to avoid the butcher; Fern, a girl who understands what animals say to each other; Templeton, the gluttonous rat who can occasionally be talked into a good deed; the Zuckerman family; the Arables; and, most of all, the extraordinary spider, Charlotte, who proves to be "a true friend and a good writer."

Miss You Grandma
by Jane Perry
August 07-August 23

Grandma arrives, along with the Fourth of July holiday, and the scene is anything but calm. The family is large, the tricks are many and the love is apparent in this touching story of a young girl and her relationship with her Grandma. By her actions, Grandma reveals her love of God and is a role model to all. Grandma will leave you with something special, especially in your heart.

Pap's Place
by Paul McCusker
September 11-September 27

Produced by special arrangement with Lillenas Publishing Co.

We have all heard the saying, "we are as old as we feel." Some individuals feel 18 all the way into the later years of life. Others take on a much older appearance early in life. Pap's Place takes a look at the aging process as a son and his family must decide what to do with 80 year old, Pap, whose strength may be failing, but whose mind is as sharp as a tack. Humor and sentiment are nicely combined in this two-act play that brings to life a situation with which many of us are all too familiar.

Behind the Pulpit
by Angie Waller
October 23-November 08

This touching story of a daughter reconciling with God and her earthly father comes about during a comedic, reality TV show, Behind the Pulpit, which is held in a church that is about to close its doors due to financial strain and the lack of a leader. Will this pastoral competition, which reveals both Kat's and the church's struggle with keeping the world out, be the church's answer to prayer or bring it to ruin?

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever
by Barbara Robinson
December 04-December 20

Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc. of New York, NY

In this hilarious Christmas tale, a couple struggling to put on a church Christmas pageant is faced with casting the Herdman kids-- probably the most inventively awful kids in history. You won't believe the mayhem-- and the fun-- when the Herdmans collide with the Christmas story head on!