2010 Season of Strength

By Henry O. Arnold - adapted from the novel by Frank Peretti
Directed by Mark & Lisa Howard
January 14-January 30

Kathy and Dan Ross are just like any other young couple. No one would ever imagine what secrets lie buried in their souls until Kathy is captivated by a simple name on a tiny gravestone that would change their lives forever.

On the anniversary of Roe V. Wade, this touching play is a testimony to the healing and grace that God offers to us, even grace to cover our dark and devastating choices.

Tilly is sponsored by First Assembly of God and Life Network of Central Missouri

Sarah, Plain and Tall
By Joseph Robinette from the Newberry Award-winning book by Patricia MacLachlan
February 18-March 06

Produced by special arrangement with The Dramatic Publishing Company of Woodstock, Illinois

Set in the early 1900s, this play brings to life the charming, heartwarming story of a Kansas farmer, Jacob Witting, a widower with two children, Anna and Caleb, who places an ad in the newspapers seeking a wife. He receives a letter from Sarah Wheaton of Maine who will visit the family a month to see how things work out. The joys and challenges of everyday life are richly depicted in this story of faith, which the New York Times called "an exquisite, sometimes painfully touching tale."

John, His Story
by Jeannette Clift George
March 25-April 10

Produced by special arrangement with Lillenas Publishing Co. KC, MO

Good news for today from the gospel of John. Based on John 20:31, this is a joyful and vibrant re-telling of Jesus' seven miracles described in the fourth Gospel, featuring four actors portraying 27 biblical characters. John, His Story was written by award-winning playwright Jeannette Clift George. The show was originally produced by A.D. Players and Lamb's Players in San Diego with an off-Broadway New York run in 1998.

John, His Story is sponsored by Cedar Grove Baptist Church.

The Magician's Nephew
Dramatized by Aurand Harris from the book by C.S. Lewis
May 06-May 15

Produced by special arrangement with The Dramatic Publishing Company of Woodstock, IL

Young Digory and his friend, Polly, through the use of magic rings created by Digory's uncle, set forth on a series of magical adventures through mythical kingdoms and enchanted lands. In this mythical land of talking animals, there are miraculous happenings as good battles against evil and Digory struggles to return home to cure his ailing mother. This is a prequel to The Chronicles of Narnia trilogy.

In partnership with Calvary Lutheran High School - no public auditions

Hot Flash Central
by Jane Perry
June 10-June 26

The newly acquired property adjacent to the local church presents new and exciting opportunities, and five dedicated ladies of the church take on the task of proving the property's worth. Unbeknownst to them, the town has other ideas and erects roadblocks, one after the other. Meanwhile, the Reverend struggles to support his flock, appease the local bureaucracy, crush the spying reporter's half-truth stories, and finally make the most of the bequeathed property while miles away on vacation. Who could have anticipated this gift would be the cause of so much turmoil and confusion.

Doubting the Downpour
by Linn Lewis and Jane Perry
July 29-August 14

Rain! Rain! Rain! Noah, his wife, and three sons work around the clock preparing for the biggest journey of their lives. The crows are amazed. They have never seen the like and to think, they have the gall (or is it caw?) to question Noah's sanity, mocking and provoking him day after day. Suppose Noah is right after all and they have missed their chance to board the gigantic monstrosity called a boat for protection away from this abnormality called rain. This wonderful biblical story is told from the animals' perspective.

Doubting the Downpour is sponsored by Concord Baptist Church.

Living with Style
by Kay and Dick Marchand
September 09-September 25

Many expect senior citizen Sam Style to relax and take it easy. He was known on the job, in his community, and especially by his family as a true Christian, a real man of God. It's now time to enjoy some peace and quiet. Or is it? Alone since the death of his beloved wife, health concerns now forces Sam to sell his home and make other living arrangements. His children want him to come live with them, but Sam feels God directing him to a retirement home. With a light that witnesses to those around him, including residents and staff, Sam reminds us that no one is ever beyond being useful to God.

by Ernie Rettino
October 21-November 06

Before there was High School Musical, there was Hi-Tops! Hi-Tops is a musical about three novice angels who are sent by Gabriel on a "fact finding mission" to earth as humans to blend in with a bunch of teenagers at a high school to learn first hand what peer pressure is. At the same time Lucifer shows up to try and win some souls for his side. Chaos ensues, and so does a lot of music and dancing. The lessons learned from this musical are invaluable and eternal; no one who sees this musical is ever the same.

In partnership with Lighthouse Preparatory Academy - no public auditions

A Laura Ingalls Wilder Christmas
by Laurie Brooks
December 02-December 18

Produced by special arrangement with The Dramatic Publishing Company of Woodstock, Illinois

SOLD OUT!! - Sorry, no seats available for any remaining shows!!

It is their poorest winter ever, the crops have been devastated by locusts and the family must make a difficult decision that could change the family dynamics. This original play presents the poignant story of the "missing" two years in the life of the Ingalls family - the only substantial period that Laura chose not to write about in her Little House books. Told with period songs, humor and depth of character, A Laura Ingalls Wilder Christmas tells a story of healing that celebrates the importance of enduring family bonds.

A Laura Ingalls Wilder Christmas is sponsored by the First Church of God.